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Embedding medium Cryosection preparation kit (1) For research work in preparation
Cryosection preparation kit (2) For biopsy work in preparation
Paraffin sesction praparation kit Both works in preparation
Embedding medium SCEM for hard tissue work
SCEM-L1 for hard tissue and soft tissue
Embedding medium Cryofilm type 2C(9) for research and biopsy woks in preparation
Cryofilm type 2C(10) for research work in preparation
Transfer film for transferring the section in preparation
LMD film for ‚k‚l‚c work in preparation
Paraffin transfer film for preparing paraffin sections in preparation
Embedding medium Disposable blade holder for SL series blads in preparation
Embedding medium SL series
Tungsten carbide blade
SizeF 8.0‚ƒ‚ in length
SL-25 (Cutting angle: 25degrees) in preparation
SL-30 (Cutting angle:30degrees)
SL-35 (Cutting angle: 35degrees)
SL-40 (Cutting angle: 40degrees)
Embedding medium SCMM-G1 H-E staining in preparation
SCMM-R1 immuno-histochmeistry
enzyme histochemistry, et al
(see the applications)
in preparation
SCMM-R2 H-E staining
fluoresecnce et al. et al
(see the applications)
in preparation
SCMM-R3 Toluidine blue staining
(see the applications)
in preparation
Embedding medium UV Quick Cryosection Mounter for polymerizing the SCMM-R2 & R3 in preparation
Embedding medium Quick section washer Ø•Ð…ô—p in preparation
2ƒÊm thick section

An adult rat thigbone,
Blade F@SL-T35 (Tangsten carbide)
Blade holder: C-BH-32
Embedding medium F@SCEM-L1
Mounting medium F@SCMM-R2


9-day old mouse
Blade F@SL-20 (Tangsten carbide)
Blade holder: C-BH-32
Embedding medium F@SCEM-L1
Mounting medium F@SCMM-R2

One micro thick section