Edited by Dr. T. Kawamoto

Video 1 : Bone (thickness: 2.0 micron)
Video 3 : Tooth (thickness: 2.0 micron)
Paper 1   (2003) Kawamoto's method (Review)
Technical note (1) Biopsy work in a hospital
Paper 4   (2019) Plant (wood, rice, LMD, MSI)
Video 5: Pregnant mouse (thickness: 5.0 micron)
Paper 7   (2019) Super high resolution
Kawamoto's Film Method 2020

Most important

Picture (Tree)


Update: Jan./01/2023

All the materials are being supplied to demonstrate the usefulness of Kawamoto's method.

Paper 2   (2021) Kawamoto's method 2020
Technical note (2) MALDI-IMS
Paper 5   (2019) Plant (Plant gene)
Paper 8 (2021) Titanium Implants
Video 2 : Bone  (thickness: 0.5 micron)
Picture (Animal)

I hope that you add the following paper 2(2021) in the reference of your paper
if my method is used in your research work.

Paper 3   (2018) Plant (rice histology)

A fresh frozen section of adult rat thighbone
(2 micrometer thick)

A fresh frozen section of 9-day old mouse
(4 micrometer thick)

Technical note (3) The type of Cryofilm

A frozen section of adult rat brain
(3 micrometer thick)
An undecalcified sample

A fresh frozen section of a cedar
(3 micrometer thick)

Paper 6 (2019) Cryofilm type IMS

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